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Agile Day Riga
  • Community driven
  • Burning topics
  • May 25, 2016
  • Islande Hotel, Riga, Latvia

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Agile Day Riga 2016

Let's gather, share our experience and learn together! We will be glad if you join us on May 25, 2016. Let's use this day for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity. We invite you to join and share your insights and feelings, discuss the questions you care about.

Agile Day Riga

What is Agile Day Riga?

Goal of this conference is to provide a clear explanation why Agile and Lean software development approaches became so important nowadays, show how these approaches help to solve problems and facilitate discussions and experience exchange between Agile practitioners and newcomers.

What is Agile Latvia?

Agile Latvia is a community with a goal to spread information about Agile practices amongst Latvian software development professionals and industry newcomers.

Agile Latvia
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Beyond Budgeting – an Agile Management Model for New Business and People Realities – the Statoil Implementation Journey (10:00 - 11:00)

The problems with traditional management, including budgeting. The Beyond Budgeting principles and companies on the journey. Statoil's 'Ambition to Action' model: redefining performance, dynamic and relative targets and a holistic performance evaluation, dynamic forecasting and resource allocation and no traditional budgets, from calendar-driven to event-driven; a more self-regulating management model. Implementation experiences and advice.

Bjarte Bogsnes

Bjarte Bogsnes

Bjarte Bogsnes has a long international career, both in Finance and HR. He is currently heading up the implementation of Beyond Budgeting at Statoil, Scandinavia’s largest company. Bjarte is Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT). He is a popular international business speaker and is the winner of a Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Management Innovation award. Bjarte is the author of 'Implementing Beyond Budgeting - Unlocking the Performance Potential', where he writes about his implementation experiences. Statoil has recently opened up for Bjarte to undertake select external consulting work.

Lean Metrics - Measuring and Driving Change (11:15 - 12:00)

In order to do successful development, you want metrics to tell you whether you are heading to the right direction. In this talk you will get an example of measurement stack aligned through strategy, customer, current operational mode - all the way to changes that you are introducing. From the session you will get example tools for measuring: Change in business environment, Customer understanding, Process cycle efficiency, Change implementation progress, Continuous improvement and learning. One key thing is also to keep the metrics lean. So sweep away the massive Excel sheets and bring in simple indicators that everyone can understand, from developers to decision-makers.

Karoliina Luoto

Karoliina Luoto

Agile Coach and Consultant aiming for business-valuable, user-oriented digital services and happy people behind them.

The Great Intersection of Psychology and Agile (13:00 - 13:45, Room A)

Coming from a strong psychological background, I was immersed into the world of software development. With no technical background nor prior experience, I was slowly discovering that those two worlds, that seemed to be so far from each other, are after all very connected. I would like to guide you through my journey and put on psychologist’s glasses for a while. Together we’ll look into Agile world from a different perspective.

Kasia Ryniak

Kasia Ryniak

I combine psychological education with working as a Scrum Master in a technology consulting company called u2i. I am a constant learner and discoverer, fascinated in people and relations behind the creation of products.

Is It Time to Renew Agile? (13:00 - 13:45, Room B)

In 2001 the Agile Manifesto was made. Today, 15 years later Agile seems to become a commodity. Everyone wants to do Agile, transformation coaches are in a booming business, the books, blogs and papers on the subject are countless, ... But is the Agile Manifesto still up to date? Do we have to renew Agile? Let's explore this subject.

Inge Gorgon

Inge Gorgon

I am a passionate agile coach with over 10 years of experience in agile analysis, testing and as a Scrum Master. I have experience as a speaker on conferences such as the Agile Business Conference in London, the ALE conferences in Bucharest and Sofia and for the Agile Consortium Belgium.

Scrum Master's Personal Development Techniques (14:00 - 14:45, Room A)

It is not easy to do a Scrum Master job. There's only a two days training and then - you're on your own. Where to go next, how to structure your work, what to do when you're joining an existing team or starting to change development processes in your organization? I'm going to share some useful techniques, which can be transformed into set of individual choices aimed to help our fellow Scrum Master to manage the chaos of a software development world. The ideas of those techniques are coming from a many sources, from many areas of human knowledge: drawing, fencing, physical exercises, philosophy. So, I'm going to wrap it up and share it with you. It helped me a lot, it will help you too.

Dmitry Lebedev

Dmitry Lebedev

Dmitry started his job as a software engineer 20 years ago, has delivered many software projects, failed a few, learned a lot of things from other people and now he is willing to share his stories of success and failures with broader audience. The ultimate goal of his activities is that software could be developed pragmatically, based on an engineering approach and mutual respect between all involved parts.

Enterprise Agile Pasta (14:00 - 15:45, Room B)

Join Enterprise Agile Pasta game! Feel the challenges of Agile teams in the Enterprise environment - scaling agile, distributed teams, communication issues, different cultures and leadership styles etc. During the 3 phases of the game we will be debriefing and discussing learnings, so you could walk-away with useful insights and understanding of Agile scaling issues and practical advise. Last, but not least, it is a fun activity and opportunity to make friends with a like-minded people. The game has been created by experts and will be led by Vladimirs Ivanovs, Optimus Prime and Agile project management enthusiast.

Vladimir Ivanov

Vladimir Ivanov

I am Optimus Prime of the team of Agile coaches/experts. My focus in the team is mixing experience and knowledge from the past (traditional IT Management, ITIL, Project Management) with contemporary approaches such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban.

Scrumming the Evil out of a Bank (15:00 - 15:45, Room A)

In this talk I will share the Bigbank journey starting from 2014, when Scrum was first introduced, up until today. Today we have 9 Scrum teams, who have fought their way through multiple changes, mistakes, victories and all kinds of mess. So what can you achieve within 2 years? Well, you need to come and see it for yourself!

Heldin Rikk

Heldin Rikk

Agile Practitioner at Bigbank

Managing under Conditions of Uncertainty (16:15 - 17:30)

Managing under conditions of uncertainty: lessons from the natural sciences. One of key quotes: “You can’t design a complex adaptive system, you stimulate it with multiple ‘safe to fail’ experiments to see what the evolutionary potentials of the present are. Very small change, massive impact in terms of strategy and we way we work.”

Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden is the founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge. His work is international in nature and covers government and industry looking at complex issues relating to strategy, organisational decision making and decision making. He has pioneered a science based approach to organisations drawing on anthropology, neuroscience and complex adaptive systems theory. He is a popular and passionate keynote speaker on a range of subjects, and is well known for his pragmatic cynicism and iconoclastic style. He currently holds positions as extra-ordinary Professor at the Universities of Pretoria and Stellenbosch and has held similar positions at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Canberra Univerity, the University of Warwick and The University of Surrey. He held the position of senior fellow at the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies at Nanyang University and the Civil Service College in Singapore during a sabbatical period in Nanyang. His paper with Boone on Leadership was the cover article for the Harvard Business Review in November 2007 and also won the Academy of Management aware for the best practitioner paper in the same year. He has previously won a special award from the Academy for originality in his work on knowledge management. He is a editorial board member of several academic and practitioner journals in the field of knowledge management and is an Editor in Chief of E:CO. In 2006 he was Director of the EPSRC (UK) research programme on emergence and in 2007 was appointed toan NSF (US) review panel on complexity science research. He previously worked for IBM where he was a Director of the Institution for Knowledge Management and founded the Cynefin Centre for Organisational Complexity; during that period he was selected by IBM as one of six on-demand thinkers for a world wide advertising campaign. Prior to that he worked in a range of strategic and management roles in the service sector. His company Cognitive Edge exists to integrate academic thinking with practice in organisations throughout the world and operates on a network model working with Academics, Government, Commercial Organisations, NGOs and Independent Consultants. He is also the main designer of the SenseMaker® software suite, originally developed in the field of counter terrorism and now being actively deployed in both Government and Industry to handle issues of impact measurement, customer/employee insight, narrative based knowledge management, strategic foresight and risk management.